While shooting The Evening Pink, a 35mm silver nitrate film (circa 1918) was found in an abandoned, underground cinema in the New Mexico high-desert. After one year of reconditioning, Mickey was unearthed. The film was ultimately able to be scanned, revealing a film with startlingly relevant themes to The Evening Pink. Both the depicted image and the surface of the media have been altered through 100 years of climate. Mickey is shown in tandem with The Evening Pink, and has led to its ultimate realization. 


Mickey. 35mm Silver Nitrate film reel, found, 2015, origin, ~1917. The video contains 3 original clips, scanned, no edits, with sound recorded at a live performance. It also shows the book, printing process, and film stills. And, finally, an installation of the book + film, Losaeter, Oslo, Norway, 2017



Mickey, First Edition. An edition of 100 books were printed and hand-bound, 2017, Oslo, Norway. Order info, here.



Mickey — Book + Film installation, Losæter, Oslo, Norway, 2017.


Mickey – live performance, September, 2016. 

Sound: Anders Bach Pederson. Captured from soundboard during a live performance, September, 2016. This composition was developed through improvisation and careful study of the disintegration pattern on the film.

Note: there have been no edits to this film, nor to the sound. The disintegration of the silver nitrate, and explosion of oxidized color, at the end of the film is the result of 100' years of drought (with occasional spikes of moisture). It is coincidental that this occurs as the depicted scene reaches its climax – as the banker signs the order foreclosing on the miners' home. 

Two more clips — 00:15-00:45 and 11:30-12:00