Shock and Awe A brief History

A twelve-year, autobiographical project examining the relationship between protracted war and homeland decay, Shock and Awe is a meticulously crafted image, text, and found object journal that blurs the line between author and subject, and personal and authoritative histories. Completed over countless years traveling the United States, the project pulls from the traditions of documentary photography and writing set on the American road. 

This journal was the source for the Shock and Awe — First Edition, a meticulously crafted reproduction completed over the course of several years. 

Soon after this release, the #shockandawebooktour emerged. This performance has since traveled to nearly 100 venues over two continents. Equal parts story-telling, show-and-tell, and group discussion, these community gatherings include cast-iron walnut pie, bourbon-and-milk, and become active spaces for reflection, discussion.  

After nearly two years in studio, the Shock and Awe  Special Edition: 2.0 has finally been released. Continuing with the hand-made methods behind the original, the Special Edition is the result of a dedicated team working with exceptional, unique materials spanning two centuries of American History.  

A Brief History — Shock and Awe