#shockandawebooktour  Performance and Gathering — 2016

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International dates are happening now. US dates resume January '17. Bookings: events@ethanrafal.com  


The Shock and Awe Book Tour returns the journal to the people and places depicted, bringing author, subject, and viewer into an exploration of the total meaning of the work. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the project, the performance of Shock and Awe is equal parts story-telling, show-and-tell, and group discussion, presented with ample cast-iron pie, whiskey.

Borrowing from American folk traditions, Shock and Awe is a performance of first-person authorship. Balancing sincerity, humor, the project unfolds in real-time, foregrounding the fraught transformation of memory into document, providing a vehicle to revisit this shared period since 2001 - simultaneously fading from memory, yet not cleanly historicized - and radicalize agency over emerging, dominant Histories.

#shockandawebooktour —@ethanrafal 

If you would like a personal invitation, don't use social media, or want to inquire about hosting a tour stop email: events@ethanrafal.com

2016 Spring Europe Tour dates will be archived here soon. 

2015 Tour stops will be archived here soon. An incomplete list follows: 

Fall Tour: University of New Mexico, Santa Fe, Marfa, University of Houston, Houston - Box 13, New Orleans, Richmond, VA, Providence, Boston, Harvard, NYC, Philly, Washington DC Rd. 2, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, St Louis, Kansas City, Aspen, Colorado, Bozeman, Montana, Los Angeles, Rd 2, Arcana, New York Rd 2, Greensboro, NC, Denver, Colorado Springs,  Santa Fe Rd. 2, Center for Contemporary Art, Phoenix, Los Angeles Rd 3... or so I can remember for now. ;) 

Spring 2015 Tour Stops will be archived here, soon: Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Olympia, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, DC, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Corrales, Portland Rd. 2... and then...?