The Evening Pink: Installation(s) + The End + Mickey


The Evening Pink — Installation, 2018. Unique transfer prints, hand-sewn prints, clothes pins, and frequency-altered CRT Television screening The End, a video composition built from the last 7 seconds of 100 Westerns.

Note: 80x88” print depicting the words, “The End,” was inspired by the video project, The End; the 10x30’ letters are real, and were built on site, amidst an active, 40,000-acre fire. This photograph is titled Cheat Grass, which is also the title of the related 16mm film. More on Cheat Grass can be found here.


The Evening Pink – Installation of photographs and the film, The End, San Francisco, 2018. 

The End is displayed within a television sculpture. The television has been chosen as it was manufactured in the year coinciding with the most recent film depicted (~1979). A modulator is installed within the television, converting the CRT frequency. 

More on The End, here.


The Evening Pink – Installation of photographs, tumbleweeds, and the found 35mm Silver Nitrate Film (circa 1917), Mickey, San Francisco, 2017.

Clips and further information about Mickey, here.